Income Tax Preparation And Planning


Business and Individual Tax Preparation & Planning

Every year you file your business or individual tax returns, you need to feel confident you have someone in your corner with a meticulous understanding of the up to date tax code. Additionally, you need someone who is not just filling in the boxes as quickly as possible but helping you realize any potential tax savings. At Jeremy S. Sweet, LLC. we take our time to prepare your tax returns while also assisting with answering any questions. We also make suggestions through planning a strategy for additional savings in the subsequent years.  

Business Income Tax Preparation Services:

· Tax preparation for those with one or more income properties.

· Independent contractors/self employed.

· Help with forms 940, 941 or 944 for small businesses.

· Those starting or closing a business.

· Employment taxes.

Individual Income Tax Preparation Services:

· Tax Preparation for people who are single, married, married and filing separately, divorced, seniors, retirees, and more.

· Handling of itemized deductions such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Home Mortgage Interest, charitable donations, income taxes already paid, real estate taxes, medical expenses, student loan interest, job hunting costs, mileage, and many more.

· Tax preparation for active and non-active members of the U.S. Armed Forces and veterans who may be eligible for many exemptions including combat pay, moving expenses, home sale, and more.

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