New Business Formation


Partner with Jeremy S. Sweet, LLC as your business formation consultant and we will develop a business plan tailored specifically for your new company. Starting a new business can be a challenging process with so many moving pieces. We have the knowledge and tools to guide a new business through development in the most effective way. Give us a call before you begin filing any paperwork so we may work with and advise you on the financial aspects of a new business start up. 

Our services include:

· Business Entity Analysis

· Business Plans

· Buy-Sell Agreements

· Financial Projections and Budgeting

  If you're thinking of using Jeremy S. Sweet, LLC. for your CPA and tax consulting needs, consider getting a free session first.  

You'll meet with one of our tax professionals and get the following:  

  1. A free 30 minute consultation
  2. A price quote
  3. A view into how our strategy can help you

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